logo_paris8Founded as an experimental academic centre in Vincennes in 1969, Université Paris 8 moved to Saint-Denis in 1980. It has become a major teaching and research centre for humanities in the Île-de-France region. The main objective of Université Paris 8 – with its focus on humanities, human sciences, arts and social sciences – has always been to give students a better understanding of the modern world while enabling them, at the same time, to achieve a long-term integration into society.

The CEMTI (Centre d’études sur les médias les technologies et l’internationalisation) gathers 22 researchers and 42 PhD students belonging to the faculty Culture & Communication. The CEMTI is one of the 11 research centres based in the doctoral school in Social sciences. Directed by Jacques Guyot, the CEMTI’s activities focuses on the social stakes linked to the changes in media, cultural industries and ICTs. Two lines of investigation frame research activities: Interdisciplinary approaches of media and cultural industries and Internationalization and political economy of communication.

Many of the CEMTI’s researchers investigate on journalistic contents and practices, on the changes affecting the production of information, on the legitimacy of professional journalists who have to cope with the development of on-line forms of newsmaking, participation of individuals, collectives of citizens and activists. Most investigations are carried out in a comparative perspective at international level. Therefore, the CEMTI can provide high-quality research expertise on integrated journalism.

Paris 8 role in the project is to: contribute to the establishment of a conceptual framework for media integration, provide feedback for the development of the web platform, implement the activities in actual courses and provide a pilot use report, evaluate several activities from the point of view of both the tutor and the university students and disseminate and exploit the products of the project.