Aurélie Aubert, from Université Paris 8, is organizing the seminar ‘Innovations et mutations du Webjournalisme’ for the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique). The event will be held on January 14 in the new location of the Laboratory of Communication an Politics, at the Institute Practique du Journalisme.

One of the central issues that will be explored in the seminar will be the use of data journalism and its impact on the practice of media professionals. The wide implications related to data journalism will be examined, such as the current role of the traditional model of journalism, the production of information collaboratively between journalists and audiences or the deontological problems associated with online journalism.

The speakers that will participate in the seminar are Marie Coussin, data journalist at Askmedia and Alexandre Léchenet, data journalist at, co-authors of the book Guide du datajournalisme‘ (Eyrolles, 2013) and Nathalie Pignard Cheynel (Université de Lorraine and member of CREM). The chairs of the seminar will be Aurélie Aubert (CEMTI) and Gaël Villeneuve (LCP).

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