Annelie Ekelin

Annelie_EkelinAnnelie Ekelin, is a former journalist with a PhD in Human Work Science and Informatics, currently also appointed Head of Department of Media and Journalism at Linnaeus University in Sweden and a senior lecturer in media and communication.

Ekelin’s research interests include interaction design with a focus on participation, digital storytelling, development of ICT and new media formats, including social media. She has also been active within the research field of e-participation and e-government, where she has published academic articles for several years. She is also appointed member of the Swedish Governments National forum for accessibility and usability, 2012-2015. A recent project is the Augment project, aiming at developing a mobile application for sharing accessibility information, and suport of communication among users by social media. Augment was in 2011 appointed Best Practice in Europe within the framework of IMMODI; a collaboration within Fast Track Network, with special support and attention from the EU Commission.

Helena Meldré

Helena_MeldreHelena Meldré is a junior lecturer in media and communication, and currently also appointed deputy head of Department of Media and Journalism. She is also assistant project leader in the project The city integrated University of Kalmar, at Linnaeus University.