portada reportsFive national reports, one for each of the IJIE partners, have been developed. Each national report includes a synthesis of the latest scientific literature produced by researchers from each one of the countries (major reference books, journal articles, textbooks used by teaching staff and bibliographical references given to students) regarding the technical changes and new trends in journalism, convergence and the integrated forms of news making.

A second part of the reports includes a selection of the relevant quotes obtained from 60 in-depth interviews with relevant key-holders (media professionals teaching in schools of journalism, heads of news desks, heads of journalism departments and researchers investing in journalism). These interviews provide an insight into these agents’ views on the phenomenon, including new media integration and the future of journalism or the interaction between universities and companies or internationalization, among other issues.

Drawing on the information obtained from the literature review and the interviews, the third and last chapter of the national reports provides recommendations for the development and improvement of journalism education in general. More specifically, they include proposals for the practice of integrated journalism and for enhancing bonds between media companies and universities. The recommendations on journalism education can also be found on a comparative report based on the French, Spanish, Danish, Romanian and Swedish cases.

Here you can download each one of the national reports on PDF format: