ldshake-1For the purposes of the project, the IJIE team has adapted LdShake, a software developed at the UPF for the asynchronous co-edition and sharing of educational material within a social teachers’ network. The name LdShake comes from the acronym “Learning design solutions Sharing and (k) Co-edition”. The resources developed on the platform by the various authoring tools are called “Learning design Solutions” (LdS). LdShake provides the required authoring tools (a rich text editor and two other editors for the specific design of educational materials and activities) for the creation, co-edition and sharing of documents.

The functionldshake-2alities of the tool have been adapted and refined to fit the requirements of the teaching of integrated journalism. In that sense, LdShake is a customized platform where journalism students and teachers can work on a common theme from different perspectives. Both pupils and teachers can share information of all kinds (text, image, audio, video) and monitor the progress of their journalistic products, checking the degree of development of each one of the documents (idea, production, writing/recording, editing, revision and ready to deliver). A calendar is used to plan different events and coordinate the deliveries, reviews and emission of the news created by each one of the media (Internet, Newspapers, Television, Radio and Integrated). Additionally, the platform includes a forum in which participants can discuss and comment on the different creations. LdShake has already been tested locally at the Pompeu Fabra University within the context of the Integrated Journalism Workshop Subject, where a multiformat publication (Cetrencada) is published. 24 students have tried and assessed the system for the creation of integrated news reports.