After completing the database for 39 countries and analysing results, the IJIE consortium decided to design and implement an interactive map, where all the future changes and innovations will be clearly reflected. The easy-to-use interface of the interactive map, built with the specialized software Tableau, allows users to visualize the database results. Users can navigate through the European map or they can use the interface to filter the results of the universities by taking into account a wide range of parametres (existence of a fully integrated subject, country, main teaching language, ownership, number of students or the different media facilities that universities have, to list but a few). Moreover, they can export the obtained results in multiple formats (Image, PDF, Text or CVS), obtain an embed code to insert the data in a website or blog or they can share the contents through email or social media.

The interactive map is a valuable asset for all the agents involved in the educational and professional fields, as well as the policy-makers and ultimately society in general. The benefiting target groups include university professors, students, public and private organizations, professionals, audiences, Erasmus students and scholars. For Journalism Faculties in Europe, it will be a rewarding initiative, as they will have the chance to participate by using the map to update information of their own experience in the field. To that purpose, the link to the interactive map will be sent to all the institutions, as well as to other relevant contacts that have been compiled on to the IJIE network.