The IJIE members Irene Da Rocha, Andreea Mogos and Radu Meza will participate in the third edition of the International Conference The Future of Education (Florence, 13 -14 June 2013). The conference’s aim is to promote transnational cooperation and share good practice in the field of innovation for Education, regarding different subject areas including new technologies for education, e-learning and new teaching methodologies, to list a few.


In the conference, they will present the paper Fostering Integrated Journalism Education in Europe. The authors will introduce to the audience the Erasmus Long Life Program  ‘Integrated Journalism in Europe’. They will highlight the cornerstones in the innovation of journalism training in the current scenario: Integration of media, Professional simulation, Collaboration between universities and media companies and Internationalization. The experience drawn from the introduction and consolidation of this model at

Pompeu Fabra University with the subject ‘Integrated Journalism Workshop’ (Bachelor in Journalism) and its product ‘Cetrencada’ will be thoroughly explained. Finally, the key goals of the research project will be disseminated.


Xavier Ramon

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