logo_BBUBabes-Bolyai University (BBU) from Cluj-Napoca is a public institution of higher education whose mission is to promote and sustain within the local, regional, national and international community the development of specific cultural components. More than 50.000 students are learning at BBU.

The Journalism Department is one of the most important institutions for superior education in Transilvania in its field since 1993. It currently offers four lines of studies: Romanian, Hungarian, English and German (BA level). Currently at the Department of Journalism are studying over 450 students enrolled in BA, MA and Ph. D programs. The Journalism curricula is set according to the Bologna system. This implies a Bachelor program of 3 years, which offers the basic knowledge and techniques used in the media field. Students who continue with a Master program inMedia Communication or Media Production of 2 years choose a more focused into the media field, according to their interests. The PhD program lasts 3 years and is destined for those interested in research activities who want to obtain the scientific title of Doctor. The curricula includes courses, seminars, practical courses and workshops for compulsory and optional disciplines.

BBU’s role in the IJIE project is to co-lead the development of the contents of the EUROMAIN on-line platform. Moreover, it will contribute to the establishment of the conceptual framework and the pedagogical methodology, will provide feedback for the development of the lesson plan materials, will utilise the produced material (beta version of the web platform and the activities) in actual educational environments and provide a pilot use report, will contribute to the evaluation of the materials produced and will disseminate and exploit the project products.